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What is a licence to use a font software?

Licence to use a font software means that you do not own the fonts, but you have a right to use a font software. Licence shows how and where you can use the fonts.

How does the licence work?

The desktop licence gives you the right to use a font for unlimited number of projects, but licence is bound with the number of users. The companies with more employees need a multi-user licence for people who will use the fonts (if it is secretary or a graphic designer).
If you are a freelancer and you make a materials for clients, the single licence is probably enough for you as a person, even if you use fonts on multiple computers, which you own.

Will desktop licence expire?

No, desktop licence does not expire and you can use the fonts for unlimited projects. Licence is limited by the number of users, who will use the font software.

What licence types do you offer?

The most common are desktop (for printed matter) and webfont (using fonts on webpages as text) licences. Other licences grants you the right to use fonts in movies, tv series, broadcast, games, apps, eBooks etc.

Where can I use desktop fonts?

Desktop licence gives you the right to use fonts in graphic programs and prepare documents for print – export to PDF.

Can I use desktop fonts on the web?

If you want to display our fonts as images only, you can export them as images (jpg, png, gif). In that case you do not need a webfont licence. To use our fonts on web as texts you will need webfont licence. Webfonts are specialy prepared to display better on computer screen with autohinting, therefore are more readable.

Who needs webfont licence?

Webfont licence must by acquired by the owner of the domain, not the programmer. Programmer, as a contractor, need to accept by writing with the owner of licence, that he agrees with the rights and obligations of how to use the font software.

Can I send fonts to another person?

No, fonts can not be shared or send to other person. If someone else wants to use the font, that person needs to acquire a licence to use the font software.

Did you create a logo for your client with using our fonts? Is the client also obliged to buy a licence?

No, if you convert fonts to outlines or create and image. Licence is only necessary for the user who will use the font files. But if you create a corporate identity and the client will use the fonts, he will need the licence.

I was using your fonts for two months. Can I transfer my licence to another person?

No, licence is not transferable and is bound to the person who acquired it.

Other Questions

Can I try or test your fonts beforehand?

The quickest way to test our fonts are font testers on our web. Just type your own text in a tester. You can also test our desktop fonts on your computer – visit Demo page section and download Demo fonts. Demo fonts have limited character set and contain no kerning.

Can I have a discount if I want to upgrade one font to entire family?

If you bought 1 or few fonts and you later decided you need entire family (complete), contact us by email and pay for the difference only.

Do you offer font discounts?

The best bargain is to buy entire family, not individual fonts. Then the individual fonts are much cheaper. Some fonts are for free. Go to Demo & Free page.

Can I use fonts to make a logo?

You can use fonts to create any objects (logos, logotypes, corporate identity…). You can convert fonts to curves and modify afterwards. But we do not allow any modification or conversion of font software itself. If you have this kind of demand, contact us, and we can make a custom fonts for you.

Custom fonts

Do you need a special font made for your need? How much does it cost? DizajnDesign releases one or two font families per year. So you need to pay for about the half year of work. The price of a typeface also depends on different factors, for example how many fonts will family contain (Light, Regular, Bold, Italic etc.), which characters will be in a font (lowercase, uppercase, numbers, the variation of numbers, other symbols, small capitals, another special features), the exclusivity of a licence (exclusive licence for you only or limited licence for e.g. two years) and how quickly do you need the typeface finished.

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Copyright © DizajnDesign 2024